bird food

when i first began this site, one of my favorite things to make for the little bird were yummy pureed concoctions for her tummy.  i used (and still use) the beaba babycook steamer-cooker-blender and am addicted to trying new combinations.   i always focus on organic items. each PUREE OF THE DAY batch makes several servings.  i typically keep two servings fresh & freeze the rest for later.  (look here to see a resource i use to research age appropriate foods)

now that the bird is older (and finally has teeth!), we are trying out all kinds of new BIRD FOOD.  we still use the beaba a lot, it is my favorite mini appliance.  but we are also branching out into more chewable items.  so far, she has been a very adventurous eater.  we’ve been offering her foods with different herbs and spices and trying different ethnicities.  she loves edamame, coconut curry, anything with garlic and nori to name a few. i am looking forward to continuing sharing what the bird eats as a regular feature here to help inspire but also to hear what you may be feeding your kiddos!