LOVE surprises

this is an ingenious’s one of those where you go - why didn’t i think of that?  it took me only seconds to browse through their website to say “i’m in!”  the idea is simple and easy and hey - who doesn’t love a surprise each month?  welcome to citrus lane.  with citrus lane, you get a box every month filled with cute and practical products recommended by real parents. It's like having your own team of personal shoppers dedicated to finding the best products for your child.  I also love that they never let a company pay to place items in their box- every item is parent picked!when you sign up, let them know if you have a boy or a girl and how old they are currently.  each month, you receive a box of goodies customized to your information.  think wine or cheese of the month club for savy, hip parents and tots.  Plus with each gift box, you can read why each item was chosen and see where to purchase more of your favorite products. big bonus...your surprise box gets delivered right to your front door!  a subscription is just $25 per month, and shipping is always free. every month you receive products worth $30 to $45 plus a featured treat, so it's a great value!  i think this is a great way to become familiar with cool new products and old standbys that other parents love and adore.  you can also sign up to send a box or subscription as a gift, which i think would be a fantastic idea for a baby shower.

i’ve signed up and can’t wait for our box of surprises to come to our front door!