on my own in scottsdale

i felt very fortunate to have a bit of time on my own last week.  i visited scottsdale, arizona, for a conference and actually traveled all by myself!  this was the first trip that i have ever taken all alone.  i've always traveled with family or luc or a colleague.  besides attending the conference, i had time to explore, relax by the pool, eat yummy food and meet up with some new friends i have met through instagram.  

the first day, i honestly wasn't quite sure what to do with myself.  i felt a bit guilty for traveling without luc or channing and i just couldn't figure out what to do.  i ended up taking a very very long walk to downtown scottsdale to check in at my conference and do a little shopping, once i was done.  the trip had a bit of a theme and that was guacamole.  i literally ate some every day, at different restaurants, and enjoyed every bite of it.  it was all delicious! 

my favorite part of the trip was meeting up with the loveliest ladies i had, up until this point, only chatted with via instagram.  i made some wonderful friends on this trip and feel so lucky to have been able to spend time with them! 

i am happy to be home but, last week was such a great time for me to enjoy and relax and rejuvenate a bit! 

here's a little gallery of the trip...