three years old

how in the world is it possible that my little bird is already three?!?  it is hard to sum her up in words, she is quite a character.  but…here's my best try:

channing is quirky, funny, adventurous, kind hearted, polite, spunky and so much fun to be around.

some of her favorite things are wizard of oz, dressing up (especially in princess dresses), reading books, painting, singing songs, dancing, digging in the dirt and sand.

she is so kind and always checking in to see how we are doing.  while we are working on projects, from crafts to folding laundry, she will ask "how are you doing on that?".  "are you doing ok?"

we finally have success in potty training!  we've had very few, little accidents and it has officially been a month since we first had success. 

she kisses me on the shoulder with i am snuggling with her or carrying her around.

she calls me mama, which i love. 

her memory is crazy good and i am often completely blown away at the things she remembers. 

anytime she makes a mistake or sings the words to a song incorrectly or recites the words from a book wrong, she says "oops, sorry.  silly me".  or if anyone else makes a mistake she laughs and says "silly mommy" or "silly daddy" or whoever it is that has messed up. 

she laughs and smiles all day long.  she is so much fun to be around.  

she currently sleeps from about 8:30pm-7:15am and takes good naps (thank goodness!) from about 12:30-2:30 or 3. 

max and ruby is still her favorite cartoon and always her first choice when she asks to watch a show.  disney movies have become very popular, especially ones with princesses involved. 

bunny or "bun" is still her best friend and goes everywhere.  she loves on her and kisses on her and says "i am being such a good mommy to bun". 

we still swim every tuesday night and she has improved so much!  she still wears floaties but has perfected her doggy paddle and is being very brave swimming a few feet at a time without her floaties on.  

she sings songs and makes up her own words (that surprisingly make sense!) to the tune of songs she knows.  

we love her more than words can even say and are always looking at each other and saying how lucky we are to have her in our lives.  happy three sweet bird!!