quilting - part I

i am not one for a lot of preplanning, when it comes to craft making.  i tend to get an idea, completely devote myself to it right away and work on it consistently until i get it done.  i’m not good at taking the time to read instructions (which has come back to bite me MANY times but, i do it still). so, i have a feeling that this is going to be quite a tedious project but i have been thinking about it for a good two weeks and i am ready to just dive in.  i am going to make a quilt.  no, i have never made one before.  and no, i am not going to read up on a ton of books to learn the ins and outs of quilt design and making (eventhough i know i should) this isn’t a fancy, small work kind of quilt but, something that was inspired by anna maria horner’s beautiful new fabrics and my desire to make something special for the bird that she will, hopefully, treasure for years to come.  i also plan on embroidering the  back of it.  this, i have done but it has been years.

today is day one...receiving the fabrics by mail and enjoying watching the bird open the delicate package of tissue paper to find a surprise of brilliantly colored and designed graphic floral velveteen prints.  it is beautiful and vintage and very garden/spring... i am really excited to get started on this!!