i wish...

before i get to far into this post, i need to say that i know i am so very lucky.  we are healthy.  we have a beautiful baby.  i have a wonderful husband and a lovely home.  my job is fairly flexible and i get to spend more time with the bird than many moms do.  and i know that the grass isn’t always greener.  i am not complaining or wish to change my life. we’ve talked about this before though...sometimes don’t you just wish ________ (fill in the blank here)?  even though we can have everything going right and many things to be thankful for, sometimes, it is hard to not wish there were a few other things we could do, had time for, could be like.  and then, if you are like me, you feel guilty for being wishful and are afraid it makes you seem ungrateful.  but i am not ungrateful and would like to accept that i just feel this way sometimes without being too hard on myself for it.

so, today... what extra little thing do you wish for? i’ll go first.


  • to be home more with the bird
  • to make a living creating, crafting and making the things i love.
  • to spend more time with my husband
  • to spend more time with my friends
  • to go to the gym
  • to not be so worried if i am “doing things right” with channing, to just relax more and let things be.
  • to go on vacation

ok, your turn...it’s ok, go ahead !