DISCOVER: aqua babies @ spectrum wellness

Address 810 Arcturus Dr.  80905



even though i call her my little bird...this girl is actually a fish!  she loves the water so much.  we have been taking her to a swimming class since she was 5 months old and she took to it immediately.  between kicking, splashing and dunking, we have lots of laughs when we go.

for those who live on the west side of colorado springs, spectrum wellness is where we go.  the class is called aqua babies and is a great time to just hang out and enjoy splashing around.  the pool is part of their rehab center so, it is nice and warm and non-chlorinated.  it is a hydrogen pool and much more gentle on the skin.

classes are held each tuesday evening, at 5:30 and saturday morning, at 8:45.  if you decided to stop in to check it out, be sure to say hi!