valentine's photo shoot

we had the best time doing this fun little photo shoot in the extra bedroom.  no, we aren’t even close to being professional photographers and we don’t have any fancy equipment...just a basic camera, some props and a cute little subject.  (notice the fun little onesie i made and featured in my ‘create’ section a few days ago.  i think it turned out just right for this!)

i have created this same kind of scenario for halloween and christmas and we have a lot of fun with it.  for the previous holidays, i used wrapping paper but, this time around, i found a discounted vinyl table cloth.  i love it more than the wrapping paper, the bird had fun sliding around on it and i can re-use it instead of tossing the paper.  we just tape it to the wall and floor, making sure it covers enough wall and floor to fill the photo background.  i try to include some kind of prop to keep the bird somewhat in place (it is hard to take photos of her because she won’t stay still for even a nanosecond.)  we put on some music and just shoot away!