swing swing

my mom was so kind to buy us a baby swing when the bird was very small.  she tolerated it but, it just wasn’t her favorite.  i had really hoped, when we had so much trouble with the bird sleeping, that it would a bit of a miracle worker and that she would peacefully fall asleep in it as my mom said did as a baby.  well, so much for that idea. now, however, it seems the new outdoor swing we bought is her very favorite thing to do!  she loves this thing and we can’t even walk past it without her pointing and asking for a ride. and, she isn't too happy when we have to finish up and head inside!

we also bought a new camera...loving the quality and photos it takes. i am sure to have lots more posts now, since we seem to be addicted to photographing our cute little subject.  enjoy the weather today...looks like snow ahead!  happy spring in colorado.