LOVE jelly cat

at around the 9 month mark, we gave the bird a friend to stay in her crib with her.  channing has been quite a challenge with sleep so, we didn’t want to add any toys or instill the thought that the crib was for anything but she spends enough time in there playing on her own as it is! we wanted to give her a buddy to bond with and keep her company.  we were lucky enough to receive a wonderful jelly cat stuffed animal, from luc’s cousin, that we now lovingly refer to as “bunny” and the bird is beginning to call “bun”.  she LOVES bunny.  he sure takes a beating from her and gets tossed around quite a bit but, in the end, she snuggles up to him and loves on him as she falls asleep.  in fact, she loves him so much, i bought a back up bunny just in case!