LOVE zoli

in our march citrus lane box, we received a zoli pink bot cup.  the bird LOVES it.  it is her first time using a straw and she has done an awesome job.  i highly recommend this little guy.  it’s been a huge hit and she picked up on it fast. BOT features an innovative straw technology that moves to the liquid whenever the cup is tilted allowing your kiddo to sip to the last drop. the cup is designed with a simple integrated handle and lid to eliminate lost parts. the handle, lid, and base are made of polypropylene while the straw is made from food-grade silicone and a weighted steel ball it comes in pink, orange, blue and green.


** as a side note...after using the zoli for a bit now, we still really like it and the bird especially likes to use it when she has a tooth breaking through as it is soft on her gums.  however, it does leak when left on its side.  it is not spill proof which i just think is good to know before you invest in it.  i would still recommend it, especially to help teach kiddos how to use a straw.