DISCOVER: sweet pea's garden

channing and i just took a little girl's trip back home to visit with nanna and poppy (my parents).  while we were there, we stopped by my dear friend's home and new business.  calli and i have known each other since middle school and to say that i am thrilled to have such a lovely friend in my life would be a complete understatement.  we love getting to visit with her and her sweet little girl, penelope.  and...i am absolutely so proud of her new business venture - sweet pea's garden.  (she also has a great facebook page located here.) located in palisade, colorado, sweet pea’s garden grows an awesome variety of not only vegetables but herbs and flowers too. customers can visit and learn about how everything is grown and can purchase bundled baskets once a week....filled to the brim with yummy goodness.  i love her idea of being able to choose each week if you want to purchase a basket, versus a typical csa where you have to pay upfront for a longer period of time,  which is a much greater commitment and can sometimes being overwhelming for smaller families.  and, her crops are absolutely gorgeous!  her website also offers up tasty recipes, which i know i need because...well, i am not the best at cooking with veggies.  there are also chickens, which are beginning to lay and will provide eggs for her weekly baskets. 

one of the things i find so wonderful about this story is all the hard work it has taken calli to make this a reality.  this is her first growing season and i am so impressed with how amazing it all looks and how many varieties the garden holds.  i am so inspired by what she has accomplished.  we can't wait to go back!! 



DISCOVER: olive tree traders

olive tree traders 2526 west colorado avenue

colorado springs, colorado 80904


olive tree traders carries gorgeous mediterranean gifts and home goods.  they carry vibrant hand painted ceramics, traditional turkish towels, delicious italian fig jams and vinegars, moroccan terra cotta tanginess (definitely on my "want" list) and little moroccan tea glasses.  the shop is lovely and family owned -  located in old colorado city.  and, although i love shopping their beautiful wears, my favorite part of their store is their selection of children's books.  they are my favorite store for purchasing books for channing - mainly because they are unique and can't be found anywhere else in town.  their books have the best illustrations and look very hand crafted, which i love.  it's hard to find board books with this kind of artistic approach and feel.  there are also lots of animal and ethnic themes, which i really love introducing channing to.  they put a smile on my face and channing really has fun with every book we've purchased here.  in fact, luc bought her very favorite book here, which we've been reading to her since she was born - "hidden hippo".  i've practically memorized it from so many readings.  i just bought her "how loud is a lion" because we are very into roaring like a lion and growling like a bear.   i also love the conversation the owner and i had about how he selects which books he carries - he gives his little kiddos the catalog and lets them pick what they want to read.  i love that and think they have excellent taste!  they also carry a few games and puzzles, which i look forward to getting as channing gets a little older.

stop in to peruse all of the beautiful items in the store and don't forget to take a look at their little book section in the middle.  i think you'll find their selection fun and unique for sure!


abaTina 1713 South 8th Street, Colorado Springs, Colorado


you might have visited abaTina looking for fun gifts and housewares but...did you know they have the most fantastic selection of baby and children's items in their abaTina kids shop?  and, they just knocked out the wall dividing them from their previous neighbors, to the west, which means an even bigger, even better children's area coming very soon.  they carry some of my favorite kiddo items like blabla, jelly cat (channing's favorite bunny, whom she has slept with for the past year is a jelly cat and is her very favorite), animalz (which i am thinking we are going to have to start collecting for the bird very soon), cate and levi and lots of adorable books, puzzles, games and clothing for little ones.  STOP IN and tell them tara and channing sent you.  i cannot leave without a goodie or two and really count on them for unique gifts for not only my little bird but friends and their babes.

DISCOVER: penny arcade

we live only a couple of miles away from manitou springs.  which means it's a very short car ride to visit the  penny arcade.  we decided to take the bird there yesterday, to celebrate her 18th month.  her favorites included the kiddo rides and mama's favorite is, as always, skee ball.  it's always fun to see all of the vintage games such as pinball, zoltar and the horse racing.  and, of course, you have to make a stop at patsy's for candies and ice-cream!


DISCOVER: buckley's homestead supply

modern homesteading = a combination of old and new.  it can involve learning how to can your fruits and veggies, creating a garden where you grow your own groceries, building a chicken coop for your 3 chickens in the city.  it doesn't mean you have to give up your day job and move to the wilderness, learning survive completely on your own.  modern homesteading is becoming more and more popular in urban communities, where people of all ages want to learn a bit more about providing for themselves and their families.  if you have ever had an itch to learn how to make your own cheese, butter or yogurt, start a mushroom colony, become a beekeeper or even raise a goat...then a visit to buckley's homestead supply is a must.  located at 1501 W. Colorado Avenue, buckley's is a very welcome addition to old colorado city and i am thrilled to have them as neighbors! i am really excited to have a resource for learning about homesteading as well as purchasing books, supplies and equipment.  i currently have cheese making, butter churning, beekeeping, chicken raising and canning on my "list of things to learn".  now, if only we had a spot for a goat or two!


DISCOVER: womb to grow

womb to grow 1001 tejon street - colorado springs, colorado - 719.633.3wtg -

if you have kiddos, know someone who has kiddos, or are expecting a new little one... womb to grow should be on your weekly "places shop" list.  the are a full-service consignment shop specializing in maternity and children's clothing, baby and children's furniture, toys, books and much much more.  there is always a great selection and i never walk away empty handed.  there are always new things to see and i love that i can take the bird's gently used items in to be sold for a little extra spending cash... although i usually find so many cute things in the store that i just use the money i made to get new fun stuff.

stop on in and tell dreama hi for me!

DISCOVER: sprigs & sprouts

i love a little fresh lavender in recipes and lotions. while visiting with my mom and dad in palisade this past week, my mom took me to a new shop and farm called sprigs & sprouts.  they are located off of highway 6, right next to the high school i attended growing up.  if you live in or are visiting the area, it is a must to visit.  they have a large variety of lotions and candles as well as dried lavender and plant varieties.  i have been looking into growing some of my own lavender to use in recipes and to add a beautiful fragrance to our garden.  they talked me through some of the best varieties for our area and i also bought a book- the lavender lover’s handbook, a bottle of delicious smelling coconut lavender lotion, a tin of dried culinary lavender and my own little "buena vista" lavender plant to get started.  for an extra treat, we sampled their lavender oil infused home made ice good! two things i am looking forward to making with my new "folgate" culinary lavender are:

[caption id="attachment_1846" align="alignnone" width="300"] lavender lemonade[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1845" align="alignnone" width="298"] lavender cupcakes[/caption]

DISCOVER: terra verde

Address 208 N. Tejon

Colorado Springs, Co  80903




i think it is pretty safe to say that you are probably already familiar with terra verde.  however, if you aren’t, you are in for a treat when you take a stroll through their abundant and lovely inventory of clothing, home decor, children’s items, gifts, artwork, shoes and jewelry.  their array of beautifully packaged scents, lotions and soaps guide you through the front of the store into their fantastic clothing selection sure to enrich your wardrobe.

one of my favorite things, as of late, is their fantastic baby and children’s section.  you have to get past all of the other eye candy first  in order to find this gold mine of items for your kiddo, more towards the back of the store.  they have really worked hard to grow their offerings with everything from fun stuffed animals to an amazing book variety.  every time the bird and i visit, we find something new and unique to add to our library.  i love that they carry books nobody else in town stocks.  fun, unique and refreshing little goodies to add to your library and nursery!

there are also a lot of happenings at the store - head in, during the month of march, for specials every thursday.  in fact, i am really looking forward to thursday, march 29th as they will be offering 20% off of one children’s item!  love that!

check out their website and facebook page for more upcoming events and specials.

DISCOVER: aqua babies @ spectrum wellness

Address 810 Arcturus Dr.  80905



even though i call her my little bird...this girl is actually a fish!  she loves the water so much.  we have been taking her to a swimming class since she was 5 months old and she took to it immediately.  between kicking, splashing and dunking, we have lots of laughs when we go.

for those who live on the west side of colorado springs, spectrum wellness is where we go.  the class is called aqua babies and is a great time to just hang out and enjoy splashing around.  the pool is part of their rehab center so, it is nice and warm and non-chlorinated.  it is a hydrogen pool and much more gentle on the skin.

classes are held each tuesday evening, at 5:30 and saturday morning, at 8:45.  if you decided to stop in to check it out, be sure to say hi!

DISCOVER: earthen artisan house

Address 2611 W Colorado Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80904 · Get Directions


1 719.434.8016


there is a new addition to the old colorado city shops…welcome earthen artisan house!  owner, erica buelow, has created the kind of store you can get lost in for hours… finding unique and eclectic - as well as affordable - home accents, furniture and gifts around every corner.  i challenge you to leave the store empty handed.  from the moment you step foot in the door, you will be greeted with treasures to nurture every sense.  if design isn’t your forte, erica also offers in-store and in-home design services.   the store is full of hand-made goods and little luxuries, from local artists.  as if that weren’t enough, the story of  EAH is inspiring and thoughtful.  as erica, herself, tells us -

“At EAH we are making it our mission to reduce mass manufactured products, by offering one-of-a-kind creations, organic and eco-friendly products, and items that are crafted with quality and timeless style.  As proposed in the name of Earthen Artisan House, not only do we provide items produced by artisans, primarily for the home, but we also have an intrinsic connection with earthen elements and items produced from those elements.  The primary components of our products are made with the responsible use of wood, clay, stone, minerals, herbs, leather, pelts, metal, fibers, and other organic materials.

Earthen Artisan House is a wonderful resource for vintage and antique finds as well.  With environmental concerns and excessive manufacturing overwhelming society, we at Earthen Artisan House nurture our inherent need to revive the old, breathing new life into products created with craftsmanship and purpose.  Finding innovative ways to incorporate items from bygone eras lends character and purpose to any environment while restoring history, heritage, and originality. “ – erica buelow

erica has both a formal education in interior design and over 18 years of experience in the interior design, art and home furnishings industry.  this experience includes working as lead accessory designer for the notable marsha yessick, a well-renowned interior designer in chattanooga and the southeast.

erica’s experience and passion is evident when you visit earthen artisan house.  she is in the store, most days, to great you with a graciousness that is welcoming and refreshing.  the bird and i visit often, on our afternoon excursions, and i never leave without finding something special for myself or a gift.  channing loves visiting erica and looking at all of the goodies - helping me find just the right thing.

stop in and stay for awhile…and tell erica a little bird sent you!



cheyenne mountain zoo

most people, who live in colorado springs, have probably visited our fantastic zoo.  however, if you haven’t, or if you are planning a trip to colorado springs, you need to put the cheyenne mountain zoo on your list of things to do!  make sure you bring your walking shoes...this isn’t your typical city zoo. cheyenne mountain zoo is the only mountain zoo in north america.  it begins at 6,800 feet above sea level and continues to almost 7,000 feet for some exhibits.  it’s a great way to spend a day in nature with your family and get a little work out in too!

there are lots of opportunities for interacting with the animals and the habitats are truly built into the beautiful surroundings of the colorado mountains.

so far, the bird’s favorite thing is feeding the giraffes.